Medieval cave monastery “Aladzha Monastery”

Aladzha Monastery area, Vinitsa district

Old Bulgarian rampart wall

The western part of the island area under the bridge; in the park of Asparuhovo district

Medieval Bulgarian fortress "Kastritsi"

locality Evksinograd, Vinnytsia district

Bulgarian Medieval Monastery

Salzitsa area (Karaach teke), Varna

An early Christian basilica "Dzhanavara tepe“

area "Dzhanavara tepe“ /Ilan tepe/, Arsparuhovo district

Thracian tomb in the Park-Museum of the Battle Friendship 1444. "Vladislav Varnenchik"

Park-Museum of the Battle Friendship 1444 - "Vladislav Varnenchik", 55 Yanosh Hunyadi Blvd., Varna

A late antique building with commercial functions and a bathroom

9 "Sofroniy Vrachanski" St., "Odessos" Archaeological Reserve, Varna

Part of a street from Roman Odessos with canal and shaft

Knyaz Boris Blvd., Nezavisimost Square, Odessos Archaeological Reserve, Varna

Remains of a Roman tower - part of the ancient fortress wall of Odessos - Varna

Between Tsar Samuil St. and Primorski Blvd.; Archaeological Reserve "Odessos", Varna

Part of the Hellenistic fortress wall of ancient Odessos

"Knyaz Boris I" Blvd., Archaeological Reserve "Odessos", Varna

Parts of the Roman fortress wall of Odessos

"Knyaz Boris I" Blvd., Archaeological Reserve "Odessos", Varna

Part of the fortress wall of "Exarch Joseph" square

"Exarch Joseph" Square, Archaeological Reserve "Odessos", Varna

Early Christian basilica /3rd cent./

"Khan Krum" St., on the corner with "Kn. Al. Battenberg" St., Archaeological Reserve "Odessos", Varna

Roman Baths (large)

Borders of the object - "Khan Krum" street, "Kap.I rank Dobrev" street, "Count Ignatiev" street, "Knyaz Dindukov" street, "Tsar Kaloyan" street, Odessos archaeological reserve, Varna

Ancient family tomb, in the garden in front of the Regional State Archives - Varna

Between Chopin Street and Nezavisimost Square, bordering the Archaeological Reserve "Odessos", Varna

Roman Baths (Small)

19 Primorski Blvd., Archaeological Reserve "Odessos", Varna

Archaeological Reserve "Odessos" - Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance

Historical core of the city /Greek neighborhood/, Odessos, Varna

Basilica - Late Antiquity

Pirinch Tepe area, on the island area under Asparuhov bridge, in the yard of Ship Repair Plant, Varna

Part of a Hellenistic fortress wall on "Tsar Simeon" Street

Borders of the object - "Tsar Simeon" Street, "Tsaribrod" Street, "L. Zamenhof" Street, "Kozloduy" Street; Archaeological Reserve "Odessos", Varna

Archaeological finds in the University Botanical Garden - Ecopark, Varna

University botanical garden - Ecopark, Varna; resort complex "St. St. Constantine and Elena"

Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis

Western Industrial Zone, Varna


Akchelar locality, Primorski district; Janavar tepe area /Ilan tepe/, Asparuhovo district; Gundyuza area, Galata district;

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